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Little Terreille
Land of the Common People

Population: 1 million, combined of Blood & Landen
Population Breakdown: 60% native to Territory
  • 10% Pure Long-Lived races
  • 15% Mixed Blood (some combination of Long-Lived and Short-Lived)
  • 70% Short-Lived races
Caste Breakdown: 70% Landen (all Short-Lived races), 30% Blood

Major Exports:
Lumber, Cotton, Wool, Seafood, Textiles, Worked Goods

Major Imports:
A little of everything, but mainly stone, metals, other raw goods

The climate of the Little Terreille can be labeled as moderate, with great local diversity seen throughout the year.  The climate differs distinctly among the various regions and Provinces of Little Terreille, depending on the height above sea level.  Generally speaking, the higher you are, the average temperature drops and more rainfall is likely.  Various height levels of the sun during the year cause the changing of the seasons, differentiated from each other mainly by the development of temperatures and precipitation. The beginning of the year in Little Terreille is characterized by a cold winter, then comes spring, followed by a warm summer and chilly autumn.  The change of the seasons has a marked effect, above all on vegetation.

Flora and Fauna:
In addition to the verdant valleys, rich with wheat, oat and a variety of vegetables, Little Terreille is abundant with wildlife including game, fish and fowl.  Sheep, pigs and cattle are often raised in the farmlands and the fields, and the forests are rich with rabbits, deer, bears, and even woodchucks and porcupines.  Provinces located further out form settlements. Along the fringes are several Kindred wolf packs.

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Land of the Common People


RL Geography Example: Czech Republic

Geographical Features

Rumored to be haunted, this dark, dense forest is full of oak, ash and elm. It is also home to the largest Kindred wolf pack in Little Terreille.  Its trees span the length of both Arawn and Ostrava, and play a major role in the lives of those Provinces, both socially and economically.  Industrial woodcutting is almost always prohibited by the Territory Court, despite the constant pleas of the locals. Many of Little Terreille's supernatural legends originate from this region.

The first of the two massive rivers that flows from the Askavi Mountains and through nearly half of the Provinces. A number of villages and towns rest on or straddle this river and tributaries.

The second and eastern river that runs through Little Terreille. Like its twin, Brye River, many towns and villages can be located on its banks.

The largest lake in Little Terreille. It is located in the southern part of Ostrava. The lake is the source of several streams and waterfalls throughout the area. Inland fishing is abundant here.


OSTRAVA - Ruled by Aria Garrick, Sapphire to Ebon Gray Queen 
The largest Province, but also the last one to be settled. Ostrava is made up of smaller settlements.  It is mostly rough terrain made of thick forests, waterfalls, sheer cliffs, and home to a lot of game. It is also home to the largest lake throughout all the Provinces. It shares its northern borders with the Dea al Mon.

Known Districts:

ARAWN - Ruled by an NPC, Rose to Light Opal Queen  (Open)
This Province is mountainous and heavily forested. Crystal clear lakes dot the landscape, and are common throughout the Province. It is essentially a hunter/gatherer based economy. Villages are scattered throughout the Province, with only small farms and personal gardens that bring in food. The home of the Healer's Circle is located here. Most come to simply visit and take in the tremendous views offered. The Province shares its northern border with Glacia.

Known Districts:

BIELIN - Ruled by an NPC, Summer Sky to Dark Opal Queen  (Open)
This large, mercantile Province is the most aggressive and militaristic of the Provinces.  With its large coastline and natural ports, most of Little Terreille’s trade flows through this Province. There are many small cities that have sprung up there.  As you move further into the Province, however, the land smooths out and becomes dotted with smaller towns. The home of the Hourglass Coven can be found here.

Known Districts: Valova - Ruled by Brianna Wolfe, Summer-sky to Opal Queen

MATHIS - Ruled by an NPC, Purple Dusk to Green Queen  (Open)
This was the first area that was settled. It is central heart of the Territory.  Here you can find some of the best schools. It is home of the Priestess Coven, located at the Dark Gate. The Council Hall is found within the capital city, and is the location for the annual meeting between the Territory Queen and the Council.

Known Districts:

TAMMAR - Ruled by an NPC, Summer Sky to Green Queen 
The Province is a mix of lowland mountains and plains. Tammar houses most of the grazing animals. Goats graze in the mountains, and large cattle and horse ranches are found on the plains. As you travel south, the land becomes grassy and nearly treeless, descending from hills to the warm, fertile lands of Jelinia.

JELINIA - Ruled by an NPC, Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Queen 
This Province is the workhorse of Little Terreille. Most agriculture for food and textiles is located here, and a fair amount of herding as well. There are small workshops scattered throughout the Province, where the first steps in preparing fabric are performed, before being shipped to the great weaving mills.

WEST TABOR - Ruled by an NPC, Green to Red Queen
Sheer coastal cliffs make up the western border of this Province. Many Aristo families have summer homes here, though there are not many ports. There is a large artist community, and the main exports are crafted goods. This Province shares its southern border with Nharkhava.

EAST TABOR - Ruled by an NPC, Summer Sky to Green Queen
The land is well-suited to grow berries and vines. Orchards of apple and pear,  wine vineyards, and marshlands full of grus-grus are common throughout the dale. Settlements are far between, the land being mostly large plots for growing. This Province also shares its southern border with Nharkhava.

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Land of the Common People

To the rest of Kaeleer, Little Terreille is a mere baby that holds a quaint charm, but to those who live there, they know it is a place made for Mother Night herself. Little Terreille was founded on a few devout followers of the Darkness, and the faith they showed has not completely dissipated from society. In fact, it has shaped many of the cultural practices in the Territory.

While the various Provinces share a similar culture and lifestyle, they were not a unified nation until around 2000 years ago.  Before being united, each Province was an independent city-state with its own unique government, military, industry and culture. This independent, self-reliant identity can still be found in how Little Terreille conducts itself to this day.

Travelers visiting Little Terreille might see the Territory’s inhabitants as reserved, suspicious, or even overly formal. Little Terreillians are a quiet people who typically prefer to remain civil, silent and deliberate about someone’s character until that person was known well enough to be accepted as friend and ally. It usually takes daily contact over a number of years before people are on a first-name basis. However, this does not mean that they are not friendly with strangers. Once this trust is earned and a person is accepted as one of them, Little Terreillians can be quite open and generous.

The tendency toward formal behavior is strengthened by the tradition of using formal Blood titles. The use of someone's first name is limited to older family members addressing younger ones, and to very good friends. In fact, they are known to be a joyous and bombastic bunch.

Farming, craftsmanship and commerce are all highly valued throughout the Territory. Honest and hearty, Little Terreillians have a firmly-held belief that their industriousness and virtue would win over any foreign schemes and sway in their land.

Simplicity is the key in most areas of life. Families in Little Terreille are extremely tight knit. Family business stays within the family. It is not uncommon for parents to live with one of their children.  In fact, in the countryside, where people own family houses, parents commonly live with their adult children. Typically, when Little Terreillians build a family house, they include space in it for their parents.

The traditional diet may be considered heavy, with an emphasis on meat, potatoes, and dumplings, and the use of substantial amounts of animal fats, butter, and cream. Soups, cheeses, and bread are an important part of the noon meal, and are the main staples of food within Little Terreille. Meat is in abundance, but it is usually eaten when mixed with other plain spices and vegetables, and are frequently prepared with gravy and eaten with potatoes or dumplings. 

Priestesses in Little Terreille are known for their incredible oral knowledge of the Territories' history. Stemming from that, Little Terreillians have inherited the unique ability of weaving stories together. It is a practice that many parents pass down to their children. Gradually over the years, the tales were written down, and passed throughout the Territory, or sold in other Territories.

Social Classes

Upper Class
The upper class is a small (5%), but powerful, Aristo class made up of the wealthiest landowners, and has extensive holdings of farmland and forests.  It is not uncommon for the wealthier families to own whole Districts in Little Terreille. There is one small quirk, Queens are extremely rare among the bloodlines that make up the Aristo class, with the last one being born more than 100 years ago.  Warlord Princes are also rare, but not as much as the Queens. Instead, the class is mainly made up of witches and Warlords, with a few of the higher castes of Healers, Priestesses, and Princes.

Middle Class
The vast majority (80%) of the Blood in Little Terreille belong to the middle class. They are the farmers, the smiths, the merchants, and land owners. In fact, unlike in many the older Territories, the middle class owns most of the land in Little Terreille. The middle class is also known as the ruling caste, as all of its Queens and Warlord Princes are born within this class. This keeps the ruling class closer to the majority of its people.

Those of the middle class usually live in small villages or townships, all centered on a large town square, meeting hall, and tavern. Middle class social life is centered around the village tavern, and the drinking of vast quantities of ale, in a very boisterous environment. The people are open, hospitable (though you will have jokes made at your expense), and vivacious. There is little that goes on in a pub except for the drinking, conversation, and community singing.

Lower Class
The lower class is extremely small in Little Terreille, making up only about 5% of the population. This class is typically made up of outsiders and people that are just down on their luck. However, upward mobility into the Middle Class is fairly common, so the numbers change over time.

Growing Up
In Little Terreille

Since most of the population in Little Terreille comes from the middle class, it is tradition that before adolescence that all children are treated the same, no matter what caste they are born to. They are expected to work hard around the township or farm. It is not uncommon to see a young Queen or Warlord Prince having to muck out a horse stall, help with planting and harvesting of crops, or doing the same chores as their lower caste brothers, sisters and cousins.

Age of Apprenticeship
Formal training for the castes starts when children become teenagers. Queens and Warlord Princes usually train at the closest court to their home village. Those females born to a caste, train typically at the closest Guildhall. However, even in each of these locations, the idea of hard manual labor persists. It is the expectation that while training that you will be assigned chores ranging from helping out the household staff to weeding the gardens. Those not training for their caste, or for court training, begin as an apprentice in one of the local trades (smithing, husbandry, farming, glassblowing, weaving, tanning and leather working, etc).

By the time they reach adulthood, it is rare that a person doesn’t have SOME sort of training, and walk away with a Journeyman knot. For those persons that are talented in their trade, they move on to more advanced work, as they attempt to earn their Master knots. This is rarely done before the age of 25. Even those that are trained as a Healer, Black Widow, or Priestess, strive to move beyond their fully trained status and attempt to earn their Mastership.

Note: The only exception to this rule is the Black Widows. It is uncommon for a female to not become Fully trained in the Widow Craft.

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Little Terrielle’s government has three parts: the traditional Courts, a Council of common men and women, and the Guilds that run the money.   

The Courts

The Court system in Little Terreille is the same among all the Blood.  A Queen gathers thirteen males in the local area to serve her.  However, in Little Terreille, all contracts have a maximum of 5 years, from District Courts to the Territory Court. While the contract terms are short, and frequent, it doesn't cause much commotion to change rulers. Besides, good rulers are often selected to serve multiple terms.

The current ruler of Little Terreille is Sabrina Price, a Purple Dusk to Sapphire jeweled Queen. The aging Queen has ruled a little under 15 years, having been elected for the last three terms. There has been some rumors that she is looking to retire after her current contract is up. 

The Council

The Council’s origin dates back before the creation of Little Terrielle, when the area was just a loose confederation of small towns and farmlands.  This Council is made up of both non-ruling Landen and Blood representatives of each of the major villages.  The Council meets once a year, at midwinter, with the location rotating through the various Provinces. An emergency could cause a special session of the Council to be called. Each District delegation has two votes (one Blood, one Laden) in the Council. The Council’s decision is then brought to the Territory Queen's attention. It should be noted that this Council's purpose is not to overrule or replace the ruling Courts.  They do not have the ability to make laws.  Instead, it is a way for the non-ruling class to share ideas and make alliances. Common issues debated by the Council include trade agreements between Provinces, maintenance of roads and bridges, and any major projects that may need multiple Districts to help. The ruling Territory Queen is always welcome to speak with the Council.

The Guilds

The Guilds are an important socio-political structure of the society in Little Terreille. They considered an essential part of life. Lower caste members of the Blood are encouraged by the very nature of the education system of Little Terreille to become a member of a guild. Guild membership could help an individual attain higher social status.  Each Guild in Little Terreille is either a type of a merchant guild or it is a type of craft guild.

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The Guilds
the land of the common people

Merchant Guilds

Craft Guilds

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Land of the Common People

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