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Author Topic: Jewel Rules & Rolling  (Read 423 times)


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rules and rolling

The Jewels & Hex Codes

White - #FFFFFF & #000000 (Black)
Yellow - #F9D423
Tiger Eye - #DD481B
Rose - #F95486
Summer Sky - #1BB0DD
Purple Dusk - #683080
Opal Light - #17C6B8
Opal Dark - #008072
Green - #116424
Sapphire - #003F69
Red - #A30006
Gray - #888888
Ebon Gray - #555555
Black - #000000

  ★ Rules ★  

Jewels: Jewel Rolling is relatively simplified. With no light/dark ratios, we allow players to CHOOSE their own Jewels OR forgo the choice to have it ROLLED.

When CHOOSING a roll any character may choose up to a BIRTHRIGHT of the PURPLE DUSK and/or the DESCENT of the GREEN.

You may also choose to only pick your BIRTHRIGHT and have the admin ROLL the DESCENT.

Should you pick the Admin ROLL, that ROLL must be honored regardless of the outcome. Items in the shop may be used to influence the ROLL, be it for a DARK ROLL, FULL DESCENT, etc. If you are unhappy it will require a purchased Re-Roll. You may NOT choose different Jewels once you have submitted for the ROLL.

Limitation Ratio: There is no DARK/LIGHT Ratio.

Ebon Gray & Black: Players are allowed only one Ebon Gray or Black slot (non-negotiable). This can either be ROLLED OR PURCHASED with ADMIN approval.

  ★ Rolling ★  

When posting your application, please make a second post specifying what kind of Jewel Roll you would like: FULL, LIGHT, a PURCHASED ROLL, or a specific Birthright up to PURPLE DUSK. We will assume you are picking or applying for a specific Jewel if you do not specify in a second post your roll request.

If you are dissatisfied with the Jewels you’ve been rolled you can: ★ Purchase a Jewel Re-Roll. You can only re-roll a set of Jewels once.
 ★ Purchase a Banked Roll. You can save your roll for later, and receive a free re-roll. You can only do this once, and cannot bank another roll until you’ve used your current one.
 ★ Purchase one of the other available Jewel Items (such as Descent and Jewel Power items) from the Shop.

If you wish to REDUCE your roll: Jewels are always allowed to be made lighter, without any cost or penalty. However, all reduced Jewels must be of the same descent or less than those rolled. For example, Jimmy got rolled a Opal to Green, a single descent. Any reduction would have to have a single or non descent, so Rose to Summer Sky, etc. The only exception to this is if there is a purchased Full or 2/3 Descent item.

Cut/Uncut Jewels are specified by Staff during the rolling process.

-this is an admin account only-