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World History
Formation of the Blood

MT = Modern Time

THE AGE OF CREATION   -35000 MT to -30000 MT
The Age of Creation began when the world emerged from the Darkness, forming a supercontinent that would eventually be called the Realms. Life bloomed on this landmass in the form of ancient beings called the “Creator Races”.

Not much is known about this time, as there is no mention of the Humanity that now walk the Realms. This time was far from peaceful. There were several great wars between the Creator Races known as the Creator Wars. These wars caused catastrophic changes to the world, altering the climate and shape of the world to suit the needs of the Creator Race that was victorious at the time.

THE AGE OF DREAMS   -30000 MT to -24000 MT
The Age of Dreams began when the powerful empires of the Creator Races waned, and disappeared from the face of the world. The lands were taken over by the last surviving Creator Race - the Dragons.

The Dragons were able to finally established themselves as the dominant race, creating the first records of civilization. The Dragons spread out across the world within the next thousand years. 

Unlike the other Creator Races, the Dragons did not seek to create, conquer or manipulate the world to fit their “ideal” world vision. Instead, they became the caretakers of the world, using their unique magic, called Craft, to heal and stabilize the land. They began to take interest in the “lesser races”, and helped them learn the basic concepts of civilization. The Dragons looked over the lesser races, and helped lead and protect them from the dangers of the volatile and ever changing world.

THE AGE OF RENEWAL   -24000 MT to -12000 MT
The Age of Renewal includes the creation of the three Realms, and the “gift” of the Dragons to the “lesser races”. 

In the Age of Dreams, the Dragons fought hard to prevent the world from ripping itself apart by the magic that had been fused into it. However, the damage and instability caused by the Creator Wars was too much for even the powerful Dragons to fix. So after careful planning, and a tremendous amount of power, the Dragons split the world into three parallel Realms, allowing the magic housed within the land to disperse among all three Realms. The original world became the Light Realm (known as Terreille), the middle world became the Shadow Realm (known as Kaeleer), and the final world became the Dark Realm (known as Hell). 

Though much of the Shadow and Dark Realm are the same as the Light Realm geographically, there are several differences in the way the land was shaped by the Dreamers of the Dragons for the purpose of magical flow. They bled the magic first from the Light Realm into the Shadow Realm, then from the Shadow Realm into the Dark Realm, and finally from the Dark Realm back into the Darkness.   

The Dragons knew, however, that this would not be enough to save all of creation. So, with the last of their strength, they used their abilities to “gift” their unique power to the “lesser races”, creating the first of the Blood to be the caretakers of the newly created Realms.

THE FOUNDING ERA   -12000 MT to -10000 MT
The Founding Era is the period of time just after the creation of the Blood. Over about two thousand years, the first Blood from every race developed their powers and societies.

The Short-Lived races thrived, as they forged Territories and “bred” the power of the Blood quicker than those of the Long-Lived races. Because of this the Short-Lived were able to develop darker Jewels faster.

THE BLOOD WARS   -9000 MT to -3000 MT
The Blood Wars were a series of wars fought in the early history of Terreille (The Light Realm). Over a period of several thousand years, the great Long-Lived kingdoms, Askavi, Hayll, and Dhelman, participated in five primary wars, leading to the near destruction of the Long-Lived races.

During this time, a large refugee group from Dhelman discovered how to open up the Dark Gate, and led themselves into Kaeleer to form a community there. This community would later grow into the territory of Little Terreille.

THE AGE OF HUMANITY   -3000 MT to 253 MT
This was the period just after the Blood Wars, where the Short-Lived races began their expansionist efforts in Terrielle. They began to carve out new Territories from the lands that had been abandoned by the Long-Lived races. 

In Kaeleer, this time was a golden age for those that lived in the Realm. The kindred, the non-human Blood, also formed the boundaries of their Territories, or chose to live among the human Blood. There was peace throughout.

THE ERA OF UPHEAVAL   253 MT to Present
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History of Little Terreille
Current Events


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