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“Man, sometimes it takes you a long time to sound like yourself.” Miles Davis
Crowley raised a hand to stifle a rather large yawn as he set aside a play he had been reading for the better part of the day. He eyed the play with a hint of disdain. It had started off with so much promise, the premise had seemed interesting enough. However, as he read the piece, it left him wanting more, in a bad way. The dialogue was disjointed which was the whole point of a play. Rarely would a play layout every action or scene, it was normally up to the actors or director. He liked that part of learning a new script but the writer needed to produce something worthwhile. This one should be burned. He eyed it again, more than tempted to torch the thing. Instead, the Gray jeweled warlord prince stood with an angry movement. Silly play, he mused as he decided to leave his small townhouse. He should get out for a little bit today, maybe stop by another bookstore to see if they had anything more worth his time.

He checked his appearance in the mirror by the door. He was vain enough it mattered as he used a touch of Craft to set his hair just right. He wore a simple dark blue button up and almost black trousers. He studied his appearance for a moment before he decided it was good enough sans a jacket. He stepped out into the stairs and down to the street with an easy glide. He wore his Birthright Green, as he never wore his Gray out in public. He washing hiding it but he wasn’t open about it. He felt the Gray attracted attention in a way he didn’t much appreciate. He wasn’t ashamed of his descent by any means, it had more to do with his past than anything else. A past he avoided thinking about or answering questions about.

He headed towards one of his favorite cafes for a drink and a bite to eat. He greeted a few people he knew as he made his way. Once at the cafe he placed his order for a strong cup of coffee and whatever the daily muffin special was. Since he was feeling a bit lazy, he found a seat out on the street in a slight corner where he could people watch and not have his back exposed. He sipped his coffee and watched the passers-by with sharp blue eyes.

"A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere."

octurnus could not resist the temptation of the city. Watching humans was, after all, his favorite hobby.

So, when there was a need for him to check on a kindred witch, and her new litter of Blood kittens, Nocturnus took the opportunity to do a little sight-seeing. He sight-shielded his Green jeweled collar, and made his way along the busy streets. Majority of the humans ignored him. Those who took notice would hiss at him to get out of the way. He easily dodged around them to find a safe place to monitor the human-world's comings and goings.

Nocturnus finally found a nice spot currently being occupied by a human male. The cat quietly observed the male a moment or two, noting caste and rank, and a little of his mood. It seemed the human was also enjoying simply sitting and watching. Perhaps Nocturnus had found a good companion to pass the time with.

The large black feline meandered over to within a couple feet of the human male, and sat beside him without invitation, not that a cat needed one. Nocturnus gave the human a lazy stare, as if to say, You enjoy watching humans, too?