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Welcome to Little Terreille!
Well, first off, we are based off of the Black Jewel books by Anne Bishop. So if you haven't read them, then we highly recommend that you do (you don't need to, but they're good books!)

However, since you found us, and joined, it's probably safe to assume that you have read the books (or some of them). In which case, you have a basic understanding of the world. That being said, we still recommend that you read through the Lexicon (, as we have a few differences from the books. The first thing we recommend you read is the The Territory of Little Terreille (, as it varies. We are set in an Alternate Universe that isn't related at all to the Books' Characters.

quick steps to make it easier

We’re glad we have you, and would like to make the joining process as smooth as possible.

Here are some tips and tricks for getting started, assuming you have already read our Rules (

The first step is to register your OOC Account and then post an Introduction ( It also acts as a welcoming thread. Once you’ve posted your Introduction, your account will be validated, and you can start making characters.

Until then you won't be able to select the option of Manage Subaccounts. If you experience any problems after being validated, please contact the Staff (, who will be more than happy to help.

Don't forget to check out the Announcements ( for current news, and the Character Requests ( forum for want ads and ideas for characters to make.

Now you can head over to Character Creation ( to start a Character Sheet ( Please ask any questions that you might have about this process. We have no issue with helping people, and appreciate feedback on ways to make it a better experience.


Little Terreille is set in an Alternate Universe and is not associated with the characters from the books. This, of course, means that we don't allow references to or recreations of those characters. There will be no canon characters from the books allowed in the game - largely to avoid overly powerful individuals who would dramatically alter the balance of things on the site. We are more focused on fun and enjoyment.

We have our own Timeline ( You should use this as a point of reference, rather than relying on the knowledge taken exclusively from the books.
Our Timeline isn't related to any of the events which appear in the books. This has been designed to encourage our players’ creativity and focus on the stories which are important to them, without worrying about interference from those world-changing events. That being said, we have no limitations upon players running and developing stories with far-reaching consequences.


We are a sub-account forum, which means that all of your characters will have their own sub-account under your OOC account. To make a sub-account, access your profile, hover over Modify Profile, and click Manage SubAccounts.

Using the Create/Link button, you can register a new Character Account. This account will be used to post applications and posts for that character. More on registering and creating sub-accounts can be found here (

The profile fields will need to be filled out for each Character Account. These include: gender, name, custom titles (such as a profession or Court position, if they have one), Jewels, race, and a link to their application. More about applications and profile fields can be found here (

Once you have created your Character Account and filled out your application (, post it in the Character Creation ( forum to receive your Jewel Roll (if needed). Further rules on Jewel Rolls can be found here ( Once finished, reply to the Ready for Review ( thread using the form provided. You will then be well on your way to exciting plots!

Our application process is generally quick and easy.

We also have extensive Lore to aid in character creation which can be found here ( Essentials are marked, but feel free to pull from the extended Lore as you’d like.


Our points and awards system is straightforward enough. You are awarded 15 points (or jewels) for each new character, 10 points for each new topic, and 5 points for each new post. There is an additional small amount of bonus points awarded for word count. The is no word count minimum, but there is a maximum of bonus points that can be earned per post.

Posting results in points being awarded automatically as you do so. This allows you to earn as you play. We also run various seasonal and situational events, which allow you to garner further points, awards, or items.

Items can be purchased with your points in the Shop ( We offer a wide variety of items for purchase to enrich your site experience, such as: Jewel Re-Rolls, Full Descents, and more. Items are stored in the Keep's Repository (

All items can be redeemed in the Gifting & Redeeming ( thread.


These are located in the Court Promotions ( thread, and allow you to spend points to advance your Out of Character profile to a new circle. As you progress, awards are earned up to eventually earning an additional Ebon Gray/Black Jewel Slot.

We also have the Keep's Repository (, where you can store and access any awarded prizes, banked jewels, etc. If you think anything is missing or broken there, please contact the Staff ( immediately.